Rainwater Harvesting

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According to studies, 55% of domestic treated water could be substituted for rainwater, while 85% of water used for commerce and industry does not need to be of drinking standard. As global warming disrupts weather patterns, causing drought and flooding by turns across the country, codes and guidance have been introduced to ensure we manage our water better.

Architects and builders are now routinely building in systems to ensure we conserve water stocks. And some of the systems most frequently installed at the moment are those designed for rainwater harvesting. In simple terms, these are designed to capture and store rainwater that falls on the roof for reuse in the home and in businesses.

Advantages of rainwater harvesting systems

• Easy to install.

• Tough and durable.

• Cost-effective drainage solutions.

• Lightweight and maintenance free.

• Used for both commercial and domestic properties.

Rainwater harvesting is good for your wallet!

It is now becoming a necessity for gaining planning permission in some areas of the UK that could be at risk of flooding, or where the main water simply cannot support demand and requires back up. What follows is an introduction to rainwater harvesting. These are cost-savings that can be achieved with a water management system. Contact us today and let us show you how you could save considerable money on your water bill.