Undefloor Heating

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Underfloor heating is often referred to as ‘wet’ underfloor heating to differentiate it from electric underfloor heating. It is the most suitable method of heat distribution for heat pump systems and requires relatively low flow temperatures. It gives a uniform level of heat throughout the room as it is radiant heat. It also frees up wall space that would usually be taken up by radiators. Contact us for more details.

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Benefits of underfloor heating systems

Underfloor heating systems are cited to be up to 25% more efficient than conventional radiators: Underfloor heating systems have a large surface area, practically turning the floor of any room into a giant radiator. This means you reduce the flow temperature beyond what is possible with conventional radiator panels (usually to around 40 or even 35°C) without leading to a drop in room temperature. This is additionally beneficial to your heat pump, as it’s more efficient at lower flow temperatures. The better the energy efficiency, the lower the running costs.